Autocad updating indexes for block subserviant dating

so something is definately going on in the drawing.

i never had any type of problem like this before This isn't out of the ordinary, this happens when the file gets allot of data in it, usually when there are allot of blocks.-- Mike -Please remove 'safetycatch' from email address before firing off your reply- Updating Indexes command line message Hmm, just checked it out, and it's set to 1.

Please refer to my question about possibly having the xref being accessed from a different location.

If so, I don't think this file is the problem, something has happened between this and the drawing referencing it.

If you use one of the vertical products, the Built On version will be listed as O.107.0.0 Auto CAD 2018.1 Update. When installed it shows up as version in the list of installed updates in Windows.

So don’t move the geometry unless you want to move the insertion point! This method allows you see your block and other object but you only can edit block.In a collabritave environment like this (Civil Engineering), that could really ruffel some featherrs.The performance benefits of demand loading are most noticeable when you do one of the following: Clip the xref with Auto CAD to display a small fraction of it, and a spatial index is saved in the externally referenced drawing.If you start Auto CAD you may see this notification Autodesk Desktop App Autodesk Account Here’s the full readme and below is partly an excerpt from it: The Auto CAD 2018.1 Update contains all of the updates previously released for Auto CAD 2018.Auto CAD Updates can be applied to Auto CAD installed as a standalone application and Auto CAD-based vertical products.In past lesson, you introduced how to create a block. One of the most popular benefits when you need to modify all instances, you only need to modify one. Block editor is a very powerful feature to edit your block.


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