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We do not require you to spend thousands on a diamond ring.We do not have that tradition (see my post about engagement rings)."Here are some general pointers (which I repeat may not apply to all Brazilian and Latin women): 1)There is a strong sense of family in Brazil. People tend to live close to Mom and Dad, aunts and uncles. Divorce rates unfortunately are growing, so this may change. Children live with their parents until they get married.It is also a matriarchal society (although men had the power for generations, when it comes to raising kids, mothers are considered more important than fathers). That of course makes kids closer to their parents, and affects how they see their future family as well.

According to her, in Russia it’s not a real date unless the guy picks a girl up, pays for dinner, and gets her home at a time that is comfortable for her.Her expectations may be because she is successful and attractive, but it got me thinking, “What can guys learn about dating customs from other cultures? S.’s influence on other cultures, dating customs in other cultures tends to be more traditional. Perhaps it’s because there are refined dating customs we could learn from.Here are 8 dating customs in other cultures we should follow: 1.It has nothing of the "skip all the vowels" or as someone said "surfing from consonant to consonant" quality of the language of the colonists.It has been softened and made mellifluous by the African influence.An extensive array of percussion instruments is of African origin: all kinds of drums, from the atabaques used in Afro-Brazilian religions to the surdo and tamborim of the samba school bateria (percussion section); the agog, two metal bells played with a metal stick, and the This unusual instrument is a small metal barrel covered with leather in one end, having attached inside to its center a short stick, which is rubbed with a piece of wet cloth to produce the most extraordinary sounds, which sometimes sounds like laughter.


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