Brit marling dating zal

One look at the camera ready Brit Marling, and it’s easy to assume the blond actress must have had an easy path into the industry.

"Whether in front of or behind the camera, or both, their creative voice is always uniquely captivating." "We are thrilled to collaborate with Netflix and Plan B to help bring to fruition Brit and Zal's extraordinary vision," added Michael Sugar, executive producer and a partner in the Anonymous Content production company.Fans who love Alexander Skarsgard for his role as Eric Northman in HBO’s hit series “True Blood” won’t see too much of their favorite fanged Viking in his recent roles.In “Straw Dogs” he plays a villain who ends up brutally raping his ex-girlfriend, in “Battleship” he’s a naval officer, and in the upcoming indie “The East” he’s the head of an anarchist activism organization.“I found myself in a line of 50 girls all of whom had their hair curled, their lips glossed and were wearing high heels,” she explains in her warm East Coast accent, her anger subsiding. Yet I know that each one of them is an interesting person, and not one of them wants to be dressed like this to beg for a part in a horror film.’ She chose the latter, which, she says, was the harder option.Two years later, in 2011, she became the first woman to have not one but two films being premiered in the same year at the Sundance Film Festival, both of which she had co-written, produced and starred in.But, here's a little secret about me (and I suspect most critics): I don't have a clearcut opinion. Here are two blondes I've been staring at intensely lately: Alexander Skarsgård & Brit Marling.


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