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It may have already occurred to you, but you can write your own data manager and register it on an instance of the Toolkit.

You just need to implement any of the six methods discussed above, and then register the manager using the same id under which you registered the associated data loader.

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All technical questions should be posted to the Backendless Support forum.

In this case, we need to do a deep recursive merge, not just a shallow copy.

It's only for "graph json" that this functionality is enabled out of the box.

You get all the minor revisions for that version for free also.

If your update entitles you to a FL Studio version number less than the current version then you can find the installer for the version you are entitled to in your account page.

If you still have questions or are just obsessively detail oriented then read on... Can I install FL Studio over an existing installation? You can manually set the installer to any existing FL Studio folder.

As mentioned in Normalizing State Shape, the Normalizr library is frequently used to transform nested response data into a normalized shape suitable for integration into the store.


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