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The final layout of the new location – which will contain no lift to the first floor and no publicly-accessible toilet – has not yet been decided but Livewire has now submitted an indicative layout, with councillors being recommended to approve the plans by planners.

There's no agreed derivation of the expression 'hunky-dory'.

You can determine your dog's Aquabandit size by measuring the circumference around your dogs head. New stock is due to arrive within the next 2 weeks.

The manufacturer recommends subtracting 1.5 inches (4 cm) to make sure the fit is snug. You also have a choice of black, concord Blue, red, pink camo, and green camo (some of these colours are only available on special order at this time). This first delivery is small so make sure you get in quickly. I will email those who have already contacted me as soon as it arrives.

The adjustable velcro closure ensures a proper fit.

Aquabandit is available in the following sizes : Small, Medium, Large, XLarge and XXLarge.

It is comfortable, lightweight and very easy to use."Hunky- dory" is almost certainly a similar product of reduplication by children who had won their game.UNOFFICIAL TYPING BY: ancientseaofnightandstars Introverted Sensing (Si): When she’s baseline, Carla tends to abide in habits and precedent.'hunkey', meaning 'fit and healthy' and 'hunkum-bunkum', which had the same meaning as 'hunky-dory'.'Hunkey' was in use in the USA by 1861, when it was used in the title of the Civil War song A Hunkey Boy Is Yankee Doodle.'Hunkum-bunkum' is first recorded in the US sporting newspaper The Spirit of The Times, November 1842.


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