Josh hutcherson and taylor swift dating

If 1989’s historic sales and what will surely be a knockout box office weekend for Mockingjay have taught us one thing, it’s this: it’s really fun to pin beautiful, wildly successful women against each other. And that’s intimidating, and it’s easy to pin them against each other rather than promote an entertainment industry in which there’s room for the both of them.

The couple headed to the Los Angeles Clippers game and watched the team win against the Toronto Raptors on Monday night (November 21) at the Staples Center.She talks about peeing, turning toilets blue in her Mystique body paint, and after winning an Oscar (we’ll get to that) and receiving a standing ovation, dismisses it with an embarrassed “you guys are just standing up ‘cause I fell and you feel bad.”The winner: They’ve both met and talked to the queen of awesome, Ellen De Generes. At life; at entertainment; at being classy, successful young women.Josh and Claudia, who have been dating over three years, coupled up and kept each other laughing throughout the game.Josh Hutcherson rocks some cool shades while out and about shopping on Tuesday afternoon (July 19) in Hollywood. For one thing, he's thirty-two years older than you, and for another, if you guys ever date even for a second, all anyone's going to say is that the reason he put you in his movies.


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