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"I was looking around to see if you beat me here." I asked myself "how long has this haux been in this imaginary competition?! So if you want to educate me about our history or anything in general please do, if you want to share some laughs or just have basic conversation I am open to that.

" By the end of the day I finally said "yes you were late, don't be so hard on yourself, you got little ones! Yep I post pics and will continue to do so, I comment on relationship issues so on and so forth because I have experiences to share but I am not seeking that here.

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in a room of 100 people, 99 people had 1 dominant side: most were nurturing.

Me: I had two dominant sides 1) i sacrifice self for others loving harmony and 2) though I'm wise and knowledgeable.

Students, they spend hours talking to other students...

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