Multiple applications updating single database in java

Articles Index Sun Microsystems recently announced that it is distributing and supporting Java DB based on the 100 percent Java technology, open-source Apache Derby database.Derby was previously available under its earlier name, Cloudscape, from its former owners: Cloudscape, Informix, and IBM.In the last article, we covered the basics of installing and connecting to Mongo DB via a Java application.

Monitoring databases and being notified when data changes has always been complicated.

Only committed changes are visible, so your application doesn't have to worry about transactions or changes that are rolled back.

Debezium provides a single model of all change events, so your application does not have to worry about the intricacies of each kind of database management system.

IBM donated the Derby product source code to the Apache Foundation as an open-source project.

Sun, IBM, other companies, and individuals have been actively involved in development of the relational database as part of the Apache Derby community.


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