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Players will also create unique endings to the story by making different choices in dating situation throughout the game.Vampire Idol is comprised of more than 30 pages of elaborate and beautiful illustrations.The Brother printer, named Bro-dan, is the new kid at school, and you’ve got your eye on it.Since the game is a Japanese advertisement, it’s difficult to discern exactly what is going on if you aren’t fluent in the language — but then again, it’s a game where you try to seduce a DCP-J952-ECO Brother printer, so it’s difficult to discern exactly what is going on regardless of the language barrier.2017: Avocado Entertainment, a leading publisher of casual games for women worldwide is proud to announce the official release of Vampire Idol, a dating game targeting and designed for women.Following a female main character, who is hired as a manager by the most prominent entertainment company in the city - Two Cat Entertainment - Vampire Idol kicks off by requiring the main character to manage a rising idol group, “Vampir”.Then, once you’ve found someone you’re interested in, you can chat, revealing your personal details only once you’re ready.

She begins to learn more about their lives, wants, and needs, and they begin to grow closer together. Players will experience sweet, somewhat risky, romances with five members of the Vampir group, one by one.

The world of dating sims wasn’t originally intended to be seedy, but instead just another type of sim in the wide world of simulation video games.

When you’re done building a simulation of a city, or climbing the ranks of the game dev business, the only sim world left to conquer is that of love.

Aspiring players are encouraged to check out the game today!

Venturing not-surprisingly-deep into the internet — certain online social communities, usually — you might come across the seedy world of video games that have you charm and seduce your virtual peers.


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